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Doggie Daycare

Socialization is an important part of raising a happy and healthy pup. Yappy Days provides  daycare for your pet to alleviate loneliness and boredom which can help curtail destructive behavior  at home.  The dogs are provided with stimulating and fun activities during the day, indoors and out.  


We offer indoor and outdoor play areas where your pup enjoys free play all day and maybe even some napping. Although they play all day, we do offer quiet time for those dogs who could use a little rest in between, such as puppies, seniors or any dogs who may just need a break.

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doggie daycare

Full Day - $23

Half Day (<6 Hrs)- $17


Discount packages:

20 Full-Day visits:  $414

10 Full-Day visits: $220

20 Half-Day  visits: $310

5 Half-Day visits: $80

*Packages expired after a year from the purchase date. 


Overnight Boarding

Daycare is included in every dog boarding stay. To help ensure your pup’s continued comfort and health, we clean and sanitize daily. Each pup has his or her own space for sleep and rest. 

To help make your pet’s stay more comfortable and feel more like home, we ask parents to bring their pup’s personal bedding, food, treats and toys (no raw hides or balls, please).  

The day starts with a potty break and play time, followed up with breakfast in a private area. After breakfast, they move to their individual play groups where they spend the rest of the day playing with their friends. At the end of the day, dinner is served followed by an evening potty break. 

To ensure we have enough space for our overnight guests, we require reservations. 

On a final note, want a clean pup at pick-up? We can schedule a go-home bath and/or nails so your pup is fresh and clean when it’s time to leave. 

overnight boarding

Dog Boarding   INCLUDES off leash play in our daycare (a $20/day value).

1st Dog - $40/night

2  Dogs/same kennel - $60/night

Each Add'l Dog/Same kennel - $20/night

Late pick up fee after noon $15.

Yappy Days encourages you to bring your pet's preferred food from home in  sealed, individual containers labeled with clear feeding instructions.  Quart size ziplocs work well.  If you choose, we will provide  our own food for a minimal charge.  Understand changing your pet's food can cause stomach discomfort and diarrhea.



Can't find time to take your furry friend to daycare or boarding? No worries! We offer doggy transportation to and from daycare and boarding stays. Yappy Days will pick your dog up at your home in the morning and bring him or her back in the evening. 

$2 per mile

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We offer variety of dog grooming services. Give us a call to discuss your dog’s specific needs and let’s schedule your dog with our trained groomer.

We offer baths, nail trimming, furminator and full grooms.

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